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Identifying and Applying Core Values

I turned 50 years old in 2016, which re-sparked my curiosity in identifying, and more intentionally applying, my personal core values. While in my first graduate program (2000-2002), I undertook a course assignment to develop a community-based conflict resolution program, which I titled Core Value Circles. The idea was centered on bringing together a divergent group of individuals to discuss community-based conflicts (ethnic, racial, economic, etc) with core values, rather than opinions or ideologies, leading to resolution or transformation.

Personal core values may also be thought of as the underlying beliefs we hold that govern our decisions and actions. Most often the identification and promotion of core values is seen as a strategic organizational endeavor, but individuals can also benefit from  this process of determining what motivates us to react and respond and know right from wrong.

Below are some webpages I used to help me identify and learn to more intentionally apply my Core Values.

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