bookcoverManifest: Transitional Wisdom on Male Privilege

29th Annual Lambda Literary Award Nominee

Edited by Megan Rohrer and Zander Keig

Manifest: Transitional Wisdom on Male Privilege is a diverse collection of writings about male privilege from a trans male perspective.  Evocative, provocative and informative, this book provides a new lens to explore feminism, gender and transgender advocacy.

Foreword by: lore m. dickey

Featuring Writing By: Dade Barlow   ‡   Egon Botteghi   ‡  Jules Collins    ‡   Ewan Duarte    ‡    Gideon C. Elliot    ‡     Andrew Guy    ‡    Malcolm Himschoot    ‡    Sandy E. James    ‡    Nick Krieger   ‡    Alex Myers     ‡    Chad Ratner    ‡    Lucas Silveira     ‡ Jay Sennett   ‡   Basil Soper    ‡    James St. James    ‡    Cameron Whitley

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Print copies of Manifest are currently available at Lulu ($20).  We are only linking to Lulu, because it is the site that provides the largest royalty for our book.  Since proceeds for our book go to support LGBTQ homeless education in San Francisco, we hope you will choose to purchase the book from Lulu.

Paperback ($20) and Kindle ($9.99) versions are also available at Amazon.